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Pat Sitler

The BEST salsa in Texas...and I've been hunting for years


Lisa Barnett Herrera

I tried the Spicy salsa, and although I started with the Fire and Calliente, which I LOVE, I'm hooked, hooked, hooked on the Spicy right now. Something about the spices in it. It is MAGICAL! I have so many jars of your different salsas, pickles, & okra in my fridge right now, they practically take up their own shelf. Thank you, Janet & Family!


Sherry Royce

Just had the Peach Habanero for the first time! Sweet baby Jesus it is my favorite! I love all your items!!!


Carroll Sharp

Best Salsa ever. You will NOT BELIEVE these came out of jars!

Bought 6 jars a week ago and my husband and I have finished off two and working on the third. You have to try the peach--amazingly Delicious!!!


Daisy Royal

Stopped in today and tried every salsa and they are ALL wonderful!! hard to pick a favorite, settled for the blackberry habanero and oh lets not forget the pumpkin butter and jalapeƱo ranch dressing.


Melanie Wendel Benner

The doctor my mom works for has received jars of this hot sauce and she finally asked the people she was getting from where they got it from and they told her from a co-workers husband. This is by far the best hot sauce I have ever tasted. I thought the recipe I had was good but I can't find the recipe anymore so know I have I new favorite. I've tried the Mango and Peach so far.


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